call for papers # annual session CICSA, 15-16 April 2022, online

Centre for the Comparative History of Ancient Societies
Department of Ancient History, Archaeology, and Art History
Faculty of History, University of Bucharest

Annual scientific communications session, April 15-16, 2022

Archaeologists at the meeting with history

in memoriam professorum Alexandru Barnea et Alexandru Avram


Keynote speakers: acad. prof. Dr. Mihai Bărbulescu (Roumanian Academy, University ”Babeș Bolyai”, Cluj-Napoca) and Dr. Lucrezia Ungaro (già direttrice dei Mercati di Traiano, Roma).

The event is dedicated to the memory of the researchers Alexandru Barnea (1944-2020) and Alexandru Avram (1956-2021), university professors and prominent specialists in the fields of history, archaeology, epigraphy, and classics. Over time, they have dedicated their research to the Greek, Roman, and Roman-Byzantine periods of Dobrogea region, elaborating numerous works and reference studies, guiding the training of many generations of researchers within the Institute of Archaeology „Vasile Pârvan” and in the Romanian and French university milieu.

The privilege of meeting professors Alexandru Barnea and Alexandru Avram brings us together to dedicate, as a pious tribute, the works of the annual session of the Center for Comparative History of Ancient Societies, whose founding members they were and whose activity they supported with a permanent dedication and professionalism.

Proposed topics for communications:
– History of the Pontic space in the Greek, Roman, Late Roman, and Byzantine periods
– Archaeology of the Greek, Roman, Late Roman, and Early Byzantine eras
– Greek and Latin epigraphy in the north-western area of ​​Pontus Euxinus
– History of religions
– Art history
– Cultural studies
– Archaeology as History
– Contemporary Issues in Ancient History.

Registration address:

Deadline for registration: March 15, 2022

Working languages: English and French

Proposals for papers will be accompanied by: full name of the author, affiliated institution, and title of the paper, abstract of about 200 words.

Scientific Committee:

Prof. emerit. Dr. Gheorghe Vald Nistor (DIAAIA, FIUB), Dr. Daniela Zaharia (DIAAIA, FIUB), Dr. Carol Căpiță (DIAAIA, FIUB), Dr. Ecaterina Lung (DIAAIA, FIUB), dr. Ioan-Carol Opris (DIAAIA, FIUB), dr. Victor Valentin Bottezz (DIAAIA, FIUB), Dr. Alexandra Victoria Lițu (DIAAIA, FIUB), Dr. Mihaela Marcu (DIAAIA, FIUB), Dr. Florica (Bohîlțea) Mihuț (DIAAIA, FIUB), Dr. Viorel Emanuel Petac (CNBAR, Bucharest), Dr. Ioana Costa (FLLS, UB)

Organizing Committee:
Dr. Adriana Panaite – Institute of Archaeology ”V. Pârvan”, Bucharest
Dr. Dragoș Iosif Hălmagi – Institute of Archeology “V. Pârvan”, Bucharest
Dr. Liviu Mihail Iancu – ISACCL, Bucharest
Dr. Alina Streinu – Bucharest City Museum (“George Severeanu” Museum, MMB)
Dr. Anca-Cezarina Fulger – CICSA, FIUB
Dr. Ioana Paraschiv-Grigore, alumn. UB

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