The 10th annual session of CICSA, online, 15-16 April 2022

Centre for the Comparative History of Ancient Societies
Department of Ancient History, Archaeology, and Art History
Faculty of History, University of Bucharest

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The 10th annual scientific communications session, April 15-16, 2022

Archaeologists at the meeting with history

in memoriam professorum Alexandru Barnea et Alexandru Avram

The event is dedicated to the memory of the researchers Alexandru Barnea (1944-2020) and Alexandru Avram (1956-2021), university professors and prominent specialists in the fields of history, archaeology, epigraphy, and classics.

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 Friday, 15 April 2022

10.00 – Opening remarks: Prof. univ. emerit. dr. Gheorghe-Vlad NISTOR

10.20 – 10.45 – Keynote address:

Acad. Prof. dr. Mihai BĂRBULESCU – Alexandru Barnea – tel que je l’ai connu

  • Material culture from the Mediterranean to the Danube and the Carpathians

Moderator prof. dr. Carol Căpiță

11.00-11.20/11.30 – M.S. Radu Gabriel Petre – ”Haute cuisine” in ancient Athens. An investigation into the dining habits of a Classical city

11.30-11.50/12.00 – dr. Mihaela Marcu – Quelques observations sur les taxes perçus sur les routes des Thraces. De nouveau sur l’inscription de Pistiros

12.00-12.20/12.30 – dr . Tetiana Shevchenko – Hellenistic Arulae Common for Pontic Region

12.30-12.50/13.00 – dr. Viorica Rusu-Bolindeț, dr. Adriana Panaite, dr. Ioana Paraschiv-Grigore – The supply of terra sigillata at Dinogetia in the Early Roman time (1st-3rd centuries AD): the vessels imported from the Western ceramic centers

13.00- 13.20/13.30 – dr. Adrian Ardeț – Sinopean amphorae from the Roman period discovered in Dacia

13.30-14.00 – Lunch break


  • Roman Dacia and Lower Danube areas – armies and settlements

Moderator dr. Florica (Bohîlțea) Mihuț

14.00-14.20/14.30 – prof. dr. Radu Ardevan, dr. Mihai Munteanu – Deux fragments de diplômes militaires romains

14.30-14.50/15.00 – dr. Lorenzo Boragno – A low-intensity pattern: The production of weapons and armours for the Roman soldiers in the province of Dacia (AD 106-AD 270)

15.00-15.20/15.30 – dr. Ioan Carol Opriș – IGLR 24. Some remarks on the Cilician fleet, annona militaris, LRA 1 amphorae and the epitaph from Tomis of the young Torpilla of Epiphaneia

15.30-15.50/16.00 – dr. Sorin Ailincăi, dr. Marian Mocanu, dr. Alexandra Dolea, dr. Mihai Constantinescu, dr. Adrian Bălășescu, dr. Valentin Radu, dr. Aurel Stănică, dr. Mihail Florian – New Rules, Old Habits. The Roman Rural Settlement of Jijila (Tulcea Country)

16.00-16.20 – coffee break

  • Roman Dacia and Lower Danube areas – multidisciplinary approaches

Moderator dr. Adriana Panaite

16.20-16.40/16.50 – dr. Mihai MunteanuResults of the research performed by the Archaeometry Laboratory (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca)

16.50-17.10/17.20 – dr. Carmen Miu (Bem) – Monitoring Roman structures and roads in Dobrudja using aerial photographs and satellite images

17.20-17.40/17.50 – dr. Andrzej B. Biernacki, prof. dr. Elena Klenina – Organodetritic Limestone from the Quarries in Hotnica in the Architectural Details from Novae (Moesia Inferior)

17.50-18.10/18.20 – dr. Ana C. Georgescu- Hamat, curator Tiberiu Potîrniche, The archeology of beauty. Discussion regarding some gems and cameos from the MINA Constanța collections

18.20-18.40/18.50 – Franceska-Cristina Știrbu, dr. Gabriel Vasile, dr. Raluca Kogălniceanu – Death in the Middle Ages: Analysis of a Skeletal Sample from Buftea Medieval Cemetery



Saturday, 16 April 2022

10.00-10.40 – keynote address:

Dr. Lucrezia UNGARO – Il potere dell’impero ritratto nel Foro di Traiano: la comunicazione globale attraverso il programma figurativo


  • Art, religion, ideology

Moderator dr. Dragoș Hălmagi

10.50-11.10/11.20 – dr. Anca Cezarina Fulger – Tropaeum Traiani – l’iconografia del monumento

11.20-11.40/11.50 – dr. Florica (Bohîlțea) Mihuț – Women holding an apple in their hand – visual discourse on family in the funerary iconography of Roman Dacia

11.50-12.10/12.20 – dr. Manuela Dobre – Pagan themes and motifs in Byzantine iconography (IVth-VIIth centuries)

12.20-12.40/12.50 – drd. Andrei Cosmin Popa – The 1980s Dacist discourse used on the occasion of propagandistic celebrations

12.50-13.30 – Lunch Break

  • Histria

Moderator dr. Alexandra Victoria Lițu-Gîrboviceanu

13.30-13.50/14.00 -dr. Laurențiu Radu – Notes on the cult of Herakles at Callatis

14.00-14.20/14.30 – dr. Valentin Bottez, drd. Iulia Iliescu, drd. Radu Stănescu – New Data Regarding the Chronology of the Roman Rural Settlement from the Beidaud Archaeological Microzone

14.30-14-50/15.00 – dr. Thibaut Castelli – Prélude à Histria VIII/4

15.00-15.20/15.30 – drd. Alina Iancu, dr. Liviu Mihail Iancu –  A (first?) lead spindle-whorl discovered in Istros

15.30-15.50/16.00 – dr. Dragoș HălmagiTheoroi and theorodokoi at Istros and Samothrace

16.00-16.20 – coffee break

Moderator. dr. Liviu Mihail Iancu

16.20-16.40/16.50 – dr. Alina Streinu – Trading inland – The ceramic finds from the rural settlement at Acic Suat

16.50-17.10/17.20 – dr. Inga Gluszek – Athenian black gloss pottery from excavations in Histria

17.20-17.40./17.50 – dr. Adam Rabinowitz – Multidisciplinary approaches to life and death at Histria: The first three seasons of the Histria Multiscalar Archaeological Project, 2018-2021

17.50-18.10/18.20 – dr. Ciprian Crețu, dr. Andrei Soficaru –  58 Years Later – (Re)Discovering Grave 58/1964 From the Extra Muros Basilica Sector at Histria


18.20-18.30 – Closing remarksdr. Daniela ZAHARIA – Head of Department of Ancient History, Archaeology, and Art History


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