Annual session, CICSA 15-16 April 2022

The annual CICSA session, held on April 15-16, 2022, was a pious tribute to the work of professors Alexandru Barnea (1944-2020) and Alexandru Avram (1956-2021). In the opening of the session, Professor Gheorghe Nistor evoked the importance of the two personalities in Romanian and international science, emphasizing their special academic merits. Emotional moments were the speeches of both life partners of the missing teachers, Mrs. Iuliana Barnea and Suzana Avram. Academician Mihai Bărbulescu recalled the personality of Professor Barnea, his effort to support in Romania the classical studies and research of antiquity, while Mrs. Lucrezia Ungaro dedicated to the memory of Professor Barnea, with whom she established close professional collaboration and friendship, the entire presentation of propaganda through the art and architecture of Roman political spaces in ancient Rome. The participants’ presentations referred primarily to the archaeological and historical research of the Carpathian and Pontic areas, one of the main direction of the commemorated professors’ interests. The academic level, the quality of the presentations, and the depth of the debates proved the diversity of the scientific preoccupations at high academic standards.

We would like to thank all participants, including the Department of Ancient History, Archaeology, and Art History, and the Institute of Archaeology “Vasile Pârvan” from Bucharest.


More photos from this event can be visualised on our Facebook page in the following posts:

Day one
Day two

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