conference # 8 November 2022

Center for the Comparative History of Ancient Societies (CICSA)
Department of Ancient History, Archaeology, and History of Art (DIAAIA)
(Faculty of History, University of Bucharest)

invite you on 8 November 2022, 4 pm (Bucharest time)

to the online conference


(and the personal involvement of one archaeologist/ cultural historian)

held by

prof. dr. Anton Carl van Vollenhoven

(North-West University, South Africa)

Dr Anton van Vollenhoven is a distinguished professor at the North-West University of South Africa, having a wide experience in the fields of archaeology, cultural resources, museology, and heritage management. Author and co-author of numerous articles and books or book contributions, editorial member of various scientific journals, he is also a strong voice in media and important member of several public institutions connected to archaeology and heritage resources.

Since 2007 he has been managing director for Archaetnos Archaeologists, a Cultural Heritage Consulting Company, „aiming at the preservation, promotion, and sustainable utilization of South Africa’s rich and diverse cultural heritage”. (more details on

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