The Center for Comparative History of Ancient Societies (Centrul de Istorie Comparată a Societăților Antice – CICSA) is a research center established in 1997, at the initiative of Prof. Vlad Nistor and with the support of the Department of Ancient History and Archaeology (today The Department of Ancient History, Archaeology, and Art History) of the Faculty of History from the University of Bucharest. CICSA is an educational, scientific and cultural institution.

From its very beginning, CICSA initiated and has developed an environment for comparative research of prehistoric, protohistoric, ancient and early medieval societies, materialized in projects, scientific manifestations, collaborations with other specialized local or foreign institutes, and also publishing a journal and several thematic volumes. CICSA aims to cultivate the academic and scientific competences of the students interested in the themes covered by CICSA’s activity.

Among CICSA’s achivements are the formation of an important specialized library, available for researchers and students, the publishing of its own journal, the organization of projects funded through national grants, and the organization of student sections and also archaeological research in various sites (the latest one is the the sector of the University of Bucharest at Histria).

The CICSA’s office is at Regina Elisabeta Bd., 4-12 (Faculty of History, Room 309), where CICSA’s library is also located.

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